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Photography is often as much about access and opprotunity as it is about skill behind the camera and digital darkroom.

As a photographer, I focus my work on creating images from my experiences at a place or event. While I do not make myself available for hire, if you would like my visual take on your event or location, you may invite me to photograph.

Simply use "Write" on the left to send me a message with details about your event or location and we can discuss the opportunity. Typically, if you are located near me, I may take up the opportunity without cost to you, if farther, you may simply have to cover my expenses.

At the minimum, you will get a free set of digital watermarked screen resolution images that I produce from the visit. Prints and licensed use of any images will be available for purchase.

I will consider every opportunity.

Please note that my work will not replace an event or commissioned photographer's efforts. I shoot from my personal perspective which will not be comprehensive enough or directed enough to cover an event or serve directed promotional needs—this is not an opportunity for a free photographer's services. Professional event and commissioned photography is an artform and livelihood for many photographers and what I do does not compare or replace.

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